Who we are

Founded in September 1993, the United States-China Association of Commerce, Inc. (USCAC) is a major non-governmental group in the Washington, DC area. Different from almost all other social groups, USCAC is exclusively made up of entrepreneurs and professionals. Currently it has more than 600 Chinese and Western members representing over a thousand businesses and entities. Businesses that our members own cover banking, finance, insurance, legal services, news, transportation, medical services, financial management, technical consulting, real estate, engineering and construction, decoration and designing, international trade, IT, aquatic products wholesale, tourism, catering, hotels, laundry, farming, beauty, etc.

After more than two decades of efforts, USCAC has established and maintained regular contacts with the majority of province-and-city-level governments in China. In the meanwhile, many of our members have landed good opportunities for development of their careers in China. In recent years, they have frequently traveled between the United States and China and made investment in many projects and fields. With the increasing development of U.S.-China economic cooperation and the constant rise of the number of Chinese traveling to the U.S., the connection between USCAC and its fellow organizations in the greater Washington area has become steadily closer. In the meantime, we are attracting favor from a growing number of professionals and small-and-medium-sized companies in both countries. Their involvement and participation have added more fresh blood for our further development and growth. Meanwhile, USCAC and his members have played a great role in promoting the Asian American to get involved in American politics and connect to the mainstream American society.

USCAC will continue to carry on its mission, to make every possible effort to help further promote the U.S.-China relations, the development of bilateral economic and trade cooperation, and the friendship between people of the two countries

Vision & mission & Goal

The vision of USCAC is to Move Business Forward.

The mission of USCAC is to promote US-China bi-lateral economic and trade cooperation and technological and cultural exchanges, to promote friendship and understanding between the two governments and people on both sides.

USCAC has extensive ties with the United States government departments and private enterprises. These ties have been widely acknowledged. The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office under the State Council of China and its Department of Foreign Affairs have confirmed that USCAC is qualified to receive high-level delegations visiting the U.S. from China.

Since its founding in 1993, USCAC has received several thousand Chinese delegations visiting the U.S. for business or training purposes. Headed by leading figures from all levels, these delegations represented numerous provinces and municipalities as well as various departments and committees under the State Council. According to their respective needs, USCAC made arrangements for them to meet and talk with U.S. political figures and entrepreneurs. As a result, their visits, exchanges and business talks achieved fruitful results.

Business Development: We will become important supporters and consultants for the development of member companies. By providing industry insights, market research, and innovative thinking, we will help businesses seize opportunities, overcome challenges, and achieve sustainable growth. We will provide training, education, and resources to member companies to enhance their management capabilities, expand their business, and establish influential corporate brands globally.

Partnership Relations: We will foster partnership relations among member companies to collectively achieve business objectives. We will establish an open, transparent, and collaborative platform to facilitate communication, cooperation, and knowledge sharing among member companies. By creating business matchmaking platforms and organizing professional events, we will help companies build extensive business networks and strategic partnerships.

Social Responsibility: We will actively practice social responsibility to promote sustainable development and social progress. We will advocate for corporate responsibility in areas such as environmental protection, community development, employee welfare, and philanthropy, providing relevant resources and guidance. We will encourage businesses to adopt sustainable business models and promote the coordinated development of the economy, environment, and society.

Policy Advocacy: We will represent the interests of member companies and actively participate in policy formulation and decision-making processes. We will closely collaborate with government agencies and relevant stakeholders to promote policies and regulations that are favorable to business development and economic prosperity. By advocating for fair competition, reducing administrative burdens, and improving the business environment, we will strive to secure better development opportunities for member companies.

We believe that by achieving this chamber’s vision, we can create more business opportunities for enterprises and bring greater well-being to society. We will continue to strive to be leaders and advocates in the business community, providing the highest quality services and support to member companies, and achieving shared development and prosperity.

13th USCAC Organizational chart

13th USCAC team member

Honorary President: Zhang Zilin, Xie Xintan, Chen Changshu, Zhang Xiaobin, Zhang Xiangrong, Wang Xiaozong, Lu Mingwen, Chen Fentan, Liu Weimin, Chen Fenchun

President: Qili Li

Executive Director:Kaihua Chen

Business Director: Rikang Zheng

Secretary General: Michelle Han

General Counsel: Zhongping Liang

Vice President: Chen Xiaoru, Zheng Rifen, Zhu Liqi, Ha Mingfei, Zheng Zhaorong, Huang Xianxi, Liu Zhiping, Chen Jianlin

Supervisor: Wang Taofeng, Peng Jianjun, Dai Hong, You Na, Zheng Biqiong

Deputy Secretary-General: Ye Zhangqian, Rachel Tse, You Ni, Chen Erfang

Education Department Director: Liu Meirong

Commerce Department Director: Chen Hao

Finance Department Director: Brian Zhong

Marketing Department Director: Becky Jia

Public Relations Department Director: Julie Lee

Information Department Director: Zhang Zhongbao

IT Department Director: Jiang Yueyang

Administrative Department Director: Liao Zhilin

Community Department Director: Ben Lo

Senior Advisory: Zhu Tianhuo, Huang Lei, Xu Zhenghe, Zheng Jianhua, Shi Zuqian, Ren Meixing, Zhang Liqing, Chen Ronghua, Zheng Yongjian, Chen Minghua, Tang Du, Xia Quanxing, Zheng Qiaoyun, Lin Minghua, Sun Bo, He Xiaohui, Hu Hong, Xu Hongqing, Cheng Yunkai, Liu Mengjing, Liu Qi, Xia Zongqiong, Zhan Shili, Zhang Xiuhui, Zheng Xiquan, Zhang Mingwen, Zhang Xiaolong, Liu Jiang, Li Ge, Xia Xiangbo, He Ruyi, Zhao Bingrong, Chen Shengzhang, Hou Qingyu, Zhou Bin, Huang Anchao, Xie Zhangguan, Huang Qichao, Zhang Lili, Zheng Daoyang, Zhang Zixu, Chen Changkui, Chen Changcheng, Chen Xuelin, Chen Sichun, Jiang Siyuan, Liu Qiang, Zhang Junli

Job opening:

USCAC is dedicated to attracting talent at all levels, ranging from entry-level to senior positions. If you are interested in joining our team as a volunteer, we welcome you to submit your resume to info@uscac.org. We value the contributions and diverse skills that volunteers bring to our organization, and we look forward to reviewing your application.